SLIICK GARDEN is a non-profit organization that promotes sustainable practices, gardening, and holistic living within the community. Our primary objective is to provide high-quality products and services that foster environmentally conscious habits and empower individuals to lead more sustainable lifestyles. Through our focus on youth leadership, we aim to cultivate a thriving community of like-minded individuals who actively contribute to improving the environment.

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Our Purpose:

As a non-profit organization, SLIICK GARDEN was established with a clear purpose - to build a network of community hubs and empower young leaders to embrace and spread sustainable habits. We aim to equip youth aged 7-17 and young adults aged 18-28 with essential skills, including using vegetable and fruit seeds to cultivate more produce, initiating and maintaining indoor and outdoor gardens, and understanding sustainable habits, particularly on accessible composting methods.


    At SLIICK GARDEN, we bring people together through our gardening and food-based events. For example, in “SLIICK GARDEN Festival” and “TrEAT Yourself Tuesdays,” we share our favorite SLIICK family recipes. We address current events that affect us as a community and foster a supportive environment for spiritual and emotional growth by coordinating with local vendors and community leaders to promote the ultimate goal of economic empowerment. 

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      Celebrate the bountiful spirit of Thanksgiving at Porters' Quarters Community Farm! This farming co-working safe space pays homage to our community's rich agricultural heritage while nurturing a fertile ground for a vibrant future. Join us for a heartwarming Thanksgiving Festival where the essence of harvest season comes to life.

      1. Crock-Pot Cookoff (3 p.m.)
      1. Field Day Games and Activities
      1. Canning and Jarring Workshop

      Please accept our invitation to explore the vibrant landscape and witness the bustling activity of our community farm as we gather the ripest fruits and vegetables.

      Get ready for a heartwarming and soul-replenishing evening at Porters' Quarters Community Farm, where we celebrate the true spirit of Thanksgiving and the blessings of the harvest season. Join us in giving thanks for the land, the food, and the community that sustains us.