Aims to build a collective of community hubs and empower youth leaders who can develop and spread sustainable habits. By learning to use the resources in their very own backyards and ecosystems,  youth ages 7-17, and young adults 18-28 can manifest skills such as:

  1. Using the seeds of vegetables and fruits to grow more produce
  2. Starting & maintaining an indoor or outdoor gardens
  3. Developing accessible composting


    At SLIICK GARDEN we bring people together through our gardening and food-based events. For example, “SLIICK GARDEN Festival” and “TrEAT Yourself Tuesdays” we share all of our favorite SLIICK family recipes. We address current events that affect us as a community and foster a supportive environment for spiritual and emotional growth. By coordinating with local vendors and community leaders to promote the ultimate goal of economic empowerment. Our metric for success is as follows:



    One year:

    • Acquire land in Florida to break ground on development. 
    • Provide renewable/sustainable long-term & short-term tiny home experience.
    • Enroll (7) youth per acre in the sustainable agriculture/permaculture youth program.

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