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Want to Sponsor a child?

A sponsor can be anyone interested in supporting the vision of The SLIICK GARDEN. As a growing team of volenteers, change makers, and entrepreneurs. We pride ourselves on welcoming others into our community. The SLIICK GARDEN Sponsor program is intended to give community members, family members, & friends the opportunity to be a part of the SLIICK vision for our young developing minds, both in personal and professional development. By taking a seed and learning too manifest. 


What will your donation be used for?

  1.  Gardening tools and supplies 
  2. Youth transportation to local garden 
  3. Youth program development


What is in it for you?

The amazing feeling of knowing you did something to make a impact in a Childs life. Remember, "children are our future"

Also, SLIICK GARDEN CORPORATION is a incorporated 501C3 Non Profit. Write off your givings. 


To make a (1) time donation to the SLIICK GARDEN