Our SLIICK Brand Ambassadorship offers Personal & Professional Development. At SLIICK, we see the value of our ambassadors and want to support them as whole individuals. SLIICK is a lifestyle, through fashion and knowledge we express ourselves. SLIICK provides courses, exclusive workshops, and events throughout our ambassadorship program, all aimed to promote personal and professional growth. 


Personal Development

The Personal development aspect of our ambassadorship program provides support on improving awareness and identity of self, developing talents and skills. SLIICK takes pride in setting S.M.A.R.T. goals and intentions to bring dreams into existence, while also enhancing the quality of life individually and together. 

Professional Development

The Professional development aspect of our ambassadorship program provides courses on improving productivity by teaching necessary skills like activity management, delegation, and technology. Social networking and building professional relationships are an important part of building your brand. SLIICK provides mentoring and support to help develop talents and improve business literacy. While serving many industries, this membership is designed for those interested in becoming full time entrepreneurs.

Ready to grow with us?

Personal and Professional Growth

Networking Events


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