Meet The Team

Erinesha (@erinesha_)

Social Entrepreneur

Passion: Social Entrepreneurship & Activist + Inspiring self awareness & wellness practices
Favorite Quote: “Communication is about expression, not reception” -Unknown Hustler



SLIICK Liaison

Passion: Create and cultivate personal development with entrepreneurs all over the world; building our communities, one person at a time
Favorite Quote: “Know thyself”



Makeda (@makedasmiles)

SLIICK HR & City Lead Ambassador (LA)
Therapist || Lifestyle Consultant

Passion: Empowering others to live a life of passion & purpose through holistic healing & self awareness 
Favorite Quote: “Inspired action, inspires action”


Sky (@skysworldandcompany)

City Lead Ambassador (HOU)
Creative Director/Stylist ||  Founder Sky’s World & Co.

Passion: Empowering others to express their truest self through the arts
Favorite Quote: “You might win some, but you just lost one”


Terron (@t.barnes42)

City Lead Ambassador (GNV)
Personal Fitness and Wellness Trainer || Founder of Final Form Fitness Model || Behavioral Therapist

Passion: Supporting people in their pursuit of optimal physical and mental health
Favorite Quote: “A smart man learns from his mistakes. A wise man learns from the mistakes of others”


Yashu (@theyashurao)

Ambassador (GNV
PhD Graduate || Plus Size Model || Confidence Coach

Passion: Body Positivity and Empowerment + Helping others learn to develop confidence and learn to love themselves
Favorite Quote: “NO means Next Opportunity”



Ambassador (GNV)
Yoga Instructor || Model || Photographer

Passion: Heal myself holistically and in the beauty of what I learn, it will create a ripple effect within the world
Favorite Quote: “Beware of your thoughts, it’s where the magic begins”