Porter's Quarters Community Farm
Porter's Quarters Community Farm
Porter's Quarters Community Farm

Porter's Quarters Community Farm

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At Porter's Quarters, we invite you to immerse yourself in our agricultural legacy and vibrant future through our engaging Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) subscription. Our commitment extends beyond simply providing fresh, organic produce – it's about fostering a thriving community and hands-on learning.

Level 1: "Seedling" - $30 Half Share
Perfect for households of 2 people

  • A half share that nourishes two individuals with seasonal, organic produce.
  • Education and Workshops: Access to our enriching educational classes and workshops, where you'll deepen your understanding of sustainable farming practices and culinary skills.

Level 2: "Harvest" - $60 Whole Share
Ideal for households of 4 people

  • A full share catering to a household of four with an abundant assortment of fresh, organic produce.
  • Education and Workshops: Engage in our diverse range of educational classes and workshops, empowering you to become more self-sufficient and knowledgeable about holistic and urban farming methods. 

Additionally, for the community members of Porters Quarters embrace our unique barter system, where your work on the farm can be exchanged for farm-fresh produce or hearty hot meals.  Level 1: "Seedling" - Half Share contribute 2 hours per week and Level 2: "Harvest" - Whole Share Dedicate 4 hours per week or Saturdays from 9-11 am immerse yourself in the farm's activities and foster a deeper connection with your food.

Level 3: "Roots" - Customized Engagement
Tailored for avid supporters and enthusiasts

  • Personalized Experience: A bespoke offering for those seeking a more personalized engagement with the farm, including exclusive events, advanced workshops, and deeper involvement in decision-making processes.
  • Tailored Commitment: Varied volunteering commitments and specialized barter system opportunities for your network, community, or staff. Crafted to suit your availability and skills.

Participate in our rich agricultural heritage and the vibrant future that Porter's Quarters Community Farm represents. Embrace the soil beneath your feet, the knowledge shared, and the community that thrives on the fruits of our labor.

Join us in cultivating a sustainable, communal vision for the future. Enroll in our CSA subscription today and become an integral part of our farming family.

Contact: Otis Garrison

Porters Quarters Master Farmer  



Contact: Erinesha Hamilton 

Porters Quarters Community Health Worker

Phone: 850.525.9659