SLIICK Operations in response to COVID-19


Subject: Update on SLIICK Operations in response to COVID-19

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As cities across the US begin to open up and, the Human Resources unit of SLIICK LLC continues to closely monitor the evolving situation and is prepared to respond appropriately.

SLIICK LLC headquarters is based in Gainesville,FL. To date, there have been thousands of confirmed cases in the state of Florida. Other SLIICK Cities include Houston, Texas and Jacksonville, Florida, have also been heavily impacted by this pandemic.. SLIICK is coordinating with community resources to provide the most up to date information.

As of now, the Local and State Government is allowing states to reintegrate, keeping in mind “Social Distancing” and enforcing personal protection such as Masks. With SLIICK being a “networking” organization, involving people and their businesses and brands, from all over the US and Internationally, It is very important that we encourage our members to practice health safety and take the necessary precautions to avoid getting exposed and/or avoid spreading the virus as much as possible. 

At the initial period of time when Covid-19 cases were drastically increasing and the US government declared a State of Emergency, SLIICK made an informed decision to CANCEL ALL IN PERSON EVENTS. As cities and businesses begin to open up, SLIICK is reintroducing its networking events, with several safety precautions in place, including limited admission and social distancing and mandatory masks. 

Furthermore,  In an effort to keep the network active and productive, SLIICK proudly launched ‘SLIICK Virtual’, beginning April 1st, 2020, and is successfully continuing. SLIICK Virtual is accessible on Social Media Platforms such as Instagram and Zoom. This program includes a series of Online Lives, Events, Educational Resources and Workshops to promote safe social distancing while also keeping  minds engaged and allowing the audience to maximize on their personal and professional growth.

Please be sure to stay tapped into SLIICK Social Media Platforms and the SLIICK website for updates on these events. 

We appreciate everyone's patience during this sensitive time. We understand that while everyone might have different opinions of the issues and medical standpoint, as an organization encompassing people of ALL beliefs, it is important to address this global concern and be respectful. 

With that being said, our top priority is the safety of all of our members and involved parties. If anyone has any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact SLIICK HR. (Calendly Links are provided below)


Thank you all again for your understanding and consideration,




Erinesha Hamilton (CEO of SLIICK LLC)


Dymond Duval (SLIICK HR / SLIICK Liaison)


Appajosula Yashodhara Rao (SLIICK HR / Communications Lead / Gainesville City Lead)


Makeda Moore (SLIICK HR/ Heart Resource/ Los Angeles City Lead)