• Do I have to be an entrepreneur or aspire to be one? 

  • No, our team is open to what you do and how you choose to create or make your impact. We are all different and do different things.


    1. Is there an agreement/commitment involved in the Brand Ambassadorship?

      Yes that you will be committed to your self-growth and development. Brand Ambassadors are on a monthly subscription that can be canceled or paused at any time with a verbal request. 


    3. Why enrollment Fees?
    4. Once your enrollment is completed your ambassadorship access to our team "SLIICK WELCOME" platform is active. 


      History has taught us that we value less the things we get for free. Do expect rates to increase as our network continues to grow nationwide. 

      1. What are SLIICK SUNDAYS? 
      2. An annual or new networking experience hosted by or in partnership with SLIICK Relax Fit. 
        1. In-person or virtual, We do encourage brand ambassadors to attend. By attending #SLIICKSUNDAY gatherings you make the most of your ambassadorship and allow us to get to know you better, to best support you on your journey. 
        2. Virtual Workshops are recorded and added to our "SLIICK WELCOME" platform.


      3. What do we cover in monthly first Sunday meetings? 


        JOIN US every 1st Sunday at 2 pm EST via zoom

        Learn more about; 

        • The SLIICK brand
        • Opportunities to network
        • Brand Ambassadorship + the benefits
        • How you can grow with SLIICK while building your own brand
        • Enrollment Q&A
        • How does my location affect my ability to attend all the events?
        Let's get our events started in your city.

        Social Impact.

        SLIICK has entertained thousands of attendees by hosting and planning several networking events. 

        Our team is constantly growing to accommodate multiple cities. We are able to do this by recruiting SLIICK Ambassador “Team Leads” in your city. Our team leads support C.E.O Erinesha Medley in the details of planning and executing SLIICK events. If you are interested in becoming a Team Lead for your city Schedule a conference call here.

        Meanwhile, Let us know how we can support you as a brand Ambassador with travel and/or housing.