Virtual Yoga Session

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30Min Session

This short but effective meditation guides you through a full body relaxation. Designed to help you create mindful awareness within your body, enabling you to release tension from your head to your feet. 

Meet Your Instructor

Originating from Slidell, LA Erinesha Hamilton was born to make an impact. With a goal of inspiring self-awareness and wellness practices into the lives of 100,000 black people yearly, Erinesha has worked vigorously to be a voice in the community, create programs that offer education and self-efficiency, and many other tools necessary to uplift and help the people of her culture.  As Erinesha grows to achieve her goal of self-made entrepreneurship with seven streams of income,  she has developed a networking organization, SLIICK that aids in helping others in her community reach their personal and professional goals. Her passion and persistence are her driving force on creating a world better than the one she was born into.