Virtual Yoga Session

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Meet Your Instructor

Originating from Slidell, LA Erinesha was born to make an impact. With a goal of inspiring self-awareness and wellness practices into the lives of 100,000 black people yearly, Utilizing yoga is one way of doing so.

Erinesha has worked vigorously to be a voice in the community, and create programs that offer education and self-efficiency, such as SLIICK Garden a youth program that teaches sustainable living, SLIICK Brand Ambassadorship that aids adults in personal & professional development, and a Kemetic Yoga Teacher Training Retreat that helps people of all ages learn the full body benefits of a yoga practice.

As Erinesha grows to achieve her goal of self-made entrepreneurship with seven streams of income. Her passion and persistence are her driving force in creating a world better than the one she was born into.

Your (2) 30-minute sessions will include a 30 Minute Body Scan 

This short but effective meditation guides you through full-body relaxation. Designed to help you create mindful awareness within your body, enabling you to release tension from your head to your feet.