SLIICK Virtual Fashion Show

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2020 theme is "Year of the Women"

- coined by @erineshahamilton

This year highlights the power and beauty of the divine feminine by allowing the woman to simply be. The woman is a POWERHOUSE who wears many hats. This fashion show highlights the simplicity of SLIICK Relax fit clothing, catered to comfort yet has the ability to be styled up. By collaborating with other small businesses and brands, cohesive and trendy looks were achieved. All the way from 

SLIm to thICK giving you  SLIICK.

An important piece to not miss in this show is the divine masculine counterpart, highlighted. At SLIICK, an ALL INCLUSIVE brand, we know the importance of the male perspective and respect the balance the man brings to the world, and to our brand.

To all our SLIM, THICK, and SLIICK supporters...THANK YOU in advance for giving. Your donation is greatly appreciated as we continue to grow our small, black, woman owned business.